Ralph Phillips after an adventure.


Medium: Theatrical animation
Produced by: Warner Bros.
First Appeared: 1954
Creator: Chuck Jones
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The Ralph Phillips series of cartoons just barely qualifies as a series. The character appeared in only two films — From A to Z-Z-Z-Z (1954) and Boyhood Daze (1957). Both were …

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… directed by Chuck Jones, and released by Warner Bros. Both are highly regarded by aficionados of animation. The first was nominated for an Academy Award.

Ralph was a little boy with a big imagination — as big as Walter Mitty's; upon whom the character was quite likely based. (Danny Kaye's 1947 portrayal of the James Thurber character was by then well established in the public consciousness.) Whether at home, school or play, Ralph was liable to suddenly conjure up an adventurous scenario. Immediately, reality would fade and he would live the adventure — usually to his embarrassment, when he returned to our plane of existence.

Ralph's voice was provided by Dick Beals, whose career also included Davey of Davey & Goliath, and several of the supporting characters in Roger Ramjet. His teacher was voiced by Bea Benaderet, whose acting career runs from the mom on the live-action sitcom Petticoat Junction to Maw Bear, and points beyond.

Ralph never appeared in comic books, on lunch boxes, or in any other venue. He's such a minor character, he wasn't even with the rest of the Warner Bros. toons in Space Jam. Only the two cartoons, which can be seen from time to time as part of the Looney Tunes cartoon package, attest to the durability of his character.


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