Hoot astride Confederate.


Original Medium: Theatrical animation
Produced by: DePatie-Freleng
First Appeared: 1973
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The "western" genre has been with us since those stories were "contemporary fiction". And soon as a genre of fiction is established, the parodies of it begin. The western parodies have been with us ever since, finding expression in recent newspaper comics pages in …

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Tumbleweeds and Redeye. In animated cartoons, we have Ricochet Rabbit, The C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa and this series about Sheriff Hoot Kloot.

Hoot was a product of the DePatie-Freleng cartoon studio, which was also responsible for The Inspector and The Blue Racer. He debuted in Kloot's Kounty, which was released to theatres on January 19, 1973. Debuting with him were an ally and an enemy — his faithful horse, Confederate (no relation); and renegade Injun Crazy Wolf.

Crazy Wolf was an all-purpose villain. Any time something bad happened in his town, Crazy Wolf was a good person to blame it on. And Hoot was just asking for a dose of Crazy's practical jokes by going after him. It was directed by Hawley Pratt (Yosemite Sam, Tijuana Toads).

Hoot's voice was provided by veteran voice man Bob Holt (The Hulk in '80s animation, The Grinch in sequels to the original story), Crazy Wolf was Larry D. Mann (Crazylegs Crane, Mr. Wilson in Dennis the Menace). If additional voices were needed, they were often provided by Joan Gerber (Rosie in Sonic the Hedgehog) or Allan Melvin (Magilla Gorilla).

Seventeen cartoons were made, ending with Saddle Soap Opera, directed by Gerry Chiniquy (My Little Pony, The Ant & the Aardvark) and releasede May 16, 1974. After that, they appeared in the back segments of The Pink Panther Laugh and a Half Hour and a Half Show Since then, they haven't been seen very often.


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