Gandy in foreground; Sourpuss behind.. From a comic book cover.


Original Medium: Theatrical animation
Produced by: Terrytoons
First Appeared: 1938
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Terrytoons (Dinky Duck, Little Roquefort) had a few stars in its early days, such as Farmer Alfalfa, but tended not to emphasize its few continuing characters. But by 1938, they were ready to promote a few new stars. While Warner Bros. was following …

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… up Daffy Duck with Bugs Bunny, Terrytoons was following up Kiko the Kangaroo with Gandy Goose.

Gandy's first appearance was in the succinctly-named Gandy the Goose, which Terrytoons released on March 4, 1938. The director was John Foster, who had worked with Terrytoons producer Paul Terry back in the silent days, when he was producing cartoons with Amadee Van Bueren (Cubby Bear, Molly Moo Cow).

His characteristic sound was an imitation of the voice of character actor Ed Wynn, which was later used as the basis for Hanna Barbera's Wally Gator voice. While Wally's voice was done by versatile voice man Daws Butler, Gandy's was by Arthur Kay, a complete unknown in voice work. The voice fit the character, who was un-serious, given to flights of fancy.

Gandy limped along for the next year or so, then found his true position when he was teamed up with Sourpuss, a separate character whom Terrytoons had introduced during January, 1939. The contrast of the two, Gandy's relentless cheer with Sourpuss's pessimistic demeanor, gave the studio something that remotely, at least, resembled a hit.

They continued to team Gandy with Sourpuss all through the 1940s and halfway through the '50s — not just in about 30 or so animated cartoons, but also in comic books, first from Marvel (Ziggy Pig), then from St. John (Baby Huey) and eventually from Pines (Supermouse).

Eventually, Terrytoons underwent massive change. Old characters like Mighty Mouse and The Terry Bears were out, replaced by the likes of Sidney the Elephant and Hashimoto-San. Gandy's final appearance was in Barnyard Actor, released January 25, 1955.


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