Fearless Fly flies. From his only comic book appearance.


Medium: TV animation
Produced by: Hal Seeger Productions
First appeared: 1965
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Preceded by Supermouse, Super Rabbit, Super Duck and many others, Fearless Fly was far from the first funny animal superhero. But in a way, he harked …

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… back to the very beginning of the sub-genre — Mighty Mouse, who just missed being the first of them, was originally pitched as a fly. Fearless was merely the first of his species to still be a fly when the series began.

Mild-mannered Hiram Fly lived in a cozy little matchbox under a picket fence. He had a girlfriend named Flora Fly and a best pal named Horsey. The three liked to hang out at a trendy eatery called The Sugar Bowl. They were perfectly ordinary flies, except … when Hiram put on his special helmet, with the super-specs, "millions of megatons of energy" (as the narrator informed us) would course through "the sensitive muscles of his head", making him so strong, "no fly swatter can harm him, no fly paper can hold him, no insecticide can stop him". As Fearless Fly, Hiram would battle diabolic villains such as Ferocious Fly and the insidious Dr. Goo Fee with his henchman, Gung Ho.

Fearless Fly's crusade against evil was carried on in one of the back segments of Milton the Monster's Saturday morning animated TV show, which debuted October 9, 1965 on ABC. Fearless's segment wasn't in every half-hour episode, but switched off with other series such as Flukey Luke, Stuffy Durma and Muggy Doo. But with 26 adventures spread over 34 Milton half-hours, his series was by far the most frequently seen of the lot. It was also the only one that got into Milton's comic book, the one and only issue of which was published by Gold Key in 1966.

Dayton Allen (Astronut, Deputy Dawg) did the voice of Hiram/Fearless. Flora was Beverly Arnold, who was heard in many of the same company's other productions, but otherwise didn't do much voice work. The producer was Hal Seeger, whose other animated shows include Bat Fink, but who is also known as a writer for DC Comics.

Milton's show ran through the late 1960s, was frequently seen in reruns during the early 1970s, and has seldom been seen since. Fearless Fly, who never enjoyed a separate existence, has pretty much disappeared with it.


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