Danger Mouse and Penfold make a strategic retreat.


Medium: TV animation
Produced by: Cosgrove-Hall Productions
First Appeared: 1981
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Danger Mouse is to James Bond (sort of related) as Mighty Mouse is to Superman. That resourceful rodent frolicked through a world of spies, saboteurs and international adventure for …

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… more than 80 episodes. The first of them was broadcast on Britain's ITV Network on Sept. 28, 1981, and new ones continued to come out until March 19, 1992.

The series was produced by Cosgrove-Hall Productions. The principals of the company, Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall, had been working together since 1971, on a variety of animation and puppet projects. Danger Mouse was the first of their creations — in fact, the first British animated show of all — to receive widespread marketing in America. Nickelodeon introduced him to U.S. viewers on June 4, 1984. Since then, he's been seen in over 50 countries worldwide.

Danger Mouse's associates include Penfold (assistant and confidant, a hamster), voiced by Terry Scott; and Colonel K (boss, a walrus), voiced by David Jason — who was also the show's announcer, as well as the voice of the title character himself. Danger Mouse often clashed with Baron Silas Greenback, whose voice was done by Edward Kelsey. Greenback wasn't the only villain — one of the less frequently seen, a star-struck vegetarian vampire named Count Duckula (also voiced by Jason), was spun off into a show of his own in 1988.

Danger Mouse is still very active in reruns, but hasn't had much of a career outside of animation. He did appear in comic books — but only in the back pages of the Marvel Comics version of Count Duckula.


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