A moment of decision. Artist: Lincoln Peirce.


Medium: Newspaper comics
Distributed by: Newspaper Enterprise Association
First Appeared: 1991
Creator: Lincoln Peirce
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Only in his own world would Big Nate be considered "big". At the age of 11, he's actually kind of a shrimp by grown-up standards, but that's okay because his mixed experiences with adults have left him generally distrustful. The star of this Newspaper Enterprise Association (Alley Oop, The Born Loser) comic strip has been a grade-schooler since it began, in 1991. …

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Nate Wright has ambitions of growing up to be a cartoonist, but that's not the only outlet of his creative genius. He's also part of the garage band Enslave the Mollusk, along with his pals Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz.

The kid-centric comic was created by cartoonist Lincoln Peirce, who draws on his experiences as a former high school teacher. Peirce's name isn't an odd way of spelling "Pierce". Actually, he attests, it's pronounced "Purse".

Nate's family life centers around his dad, Marty Wright, middle-aged and living the single life, if you can call it that. Marty is also responsible for Ellen, Nate's 15-year-old sister. At school, he has various relationships with different teachers and classmates, but is an outstanding leader in number of hours served in detention.

Big Nate entertains readers in about 600 papers worldwide.


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