Catherine Bell, aka Bad Kitty.


Original Medium: Comic books
Published by: Chaos! Comics
First Appeared: 2001
Creators: Joshua Dysart (writer) and Adriano Batista (artist)
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Chaos! Comics was a very minor publisher of the 1990s and early 20-aughts, never making much of a splash with things like Eclipse's Scout and First Comics' Grimjack, but in one way at least, it was an industry leader. During the heyday of "bad girls" like Harris's Vampirella and Marvel's Elektra, when DC's

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The Catwoman could scarcely make the cut, Chaos! Comics, with properties like Purgatori, Chastity and Lady Death, set the pace in that genre.

Catherine "Kitty" Bell was a pre-Katrina New Orleans cop — an honest one, which, accoding to company publicity, made her part of a rare breed, tho the average TV "crime drama" is crawling with them. Rare or not, she ran afoul of corrupt elements within her own department while investigating a case that turned out to involve voodoo.

Maybe it was the lack of support from her fellow officers, or maybe it was her boyfriend getting killed, turned into a zombie and ordered to kill her — but Kitty got fed up, quit the force and went looking for revenge against everybody involved. Her extra-legal (in laymen's terms, "against the law") methods earned her a distinction rare even among the bad girls of Chaos! Comics — the Number One spot on the FBI's "most wanted" list. This story was told over the course of a three-issue series starting in February, 2001. It was written by Joshua Dysart (Swamp Thing) and drawn by Adriano Batista (Witchblade).

Thereafter, Kitty was known by the nickname "Bad Kitty". Accompanied by her pet cat, Lucky, she had several more adventures on the edge of the law over the next year or two. These adventures were written and drawn by a variety of creative personnel — Brian Pulido (Evil Ernie), Steven Grant (Whisper) etc. — but they had a couple of things in common: The supernatural, and heavy firepower.

But Chaos! Comics wasn't long for this world. In 2002, the company ceased operations and declared bankruptcy, leaving Jade, Lady Demon and the rest of their bad girls homeless. Bad Kitty hasn't been seen since.


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