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Many people in and around the comics and animation communities (and even a few folks from outside) have very kindly allowed me to pick their brains for odd pieces of information, or have provided corrections of factual errors, or have given tangible support in other ways. I'd like to thank Rob Allen, Jerry Beck, C.L. Bishop, Bill Blackbeard, Rick Bradford, George Broderick Jr., Gary Brown, Charles Brubaker, Kurt Busiek, Nate Butler, Shawn S. Clay, Mike Curtis, GiGi Dane, Andrew Debly, Gene Deitch, Larry Dillie, Buzz Dixon, Jim Engel, Larry Epke, Byron Erickson, Mark Evanier, Margaret Fisher, Bryan Fraser, Michael Gallaher, David Gerstein, Nat Gertler, Michael T. Gilbert, Fred Grandinetti, Roberta Gregory, Martin L. Greim, David Groenewegen, Richard Handley, Jim Hanley, Noa Harvey, Russ Harper, Eric Hess, Bill Hook, Ken Horn, Jim Huff, Tony Isabella, Mark Johnson, David Anthony Kraft, Bart Lidofsky, Larry Loc, Bobby London, Pete Malik, Theresa Manzanares, Robert Massey, Harry McCracken, Timothy J. Miller, Rich Morrissey, Lou Mougin, Michael Netzer, Rick Norwood, Pat O'Neill, Jeremy Aron Patterson, Gene Phillips, Ray Pointer, Alvin Schwartz, Scott Shaw!, Blake Shira, Bo Smith (Dr. Omega), Mike Tiefenbacher, Michael Vance, mike weber, M. Stanley Whitley, Jonah Wieland, Bill Willingham, and no doubt others whom I've forgotten to name. I take the blame for any deficiencies; these people only made it better.

Partial list of sources of information and illustrations:
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